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Mommy's Tiny Helper: Developmental Benefits For Your Child Part 2

Mommy's Tiny Helper is the world's first ride-on toy fitted with a removable sweeping mechanism. It is designed to collect household dirt & debris as your child rides the toy & has fun, all while reducing the amount of time you spend on cleaning the house! Emotional, Social & Physical Development Mommy's Tiny Helper incorporates PLAY, HELPING and having FUN! By nurturing independence and exploration, children develop their self-esteem and self-confidence as they become adept at riding the toy. The ability to assist in cleaning gives the child a sense of helpfulness, responsibility and pride.Play helps to regulate emotions and helps children manage stress by reducing the stress hormone: cortisol.Riding on Mommy's Tiny Helper can help reduce obesity and associated...

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Mommy's Tiny Helper: Developmental Benefits For Your Child Part 1

Developmental Benefits For Your Child IMPROVES MOBILITY & SPATIAL AWARENESS INCREASES AMBULATORY & ROTATIONAL SKILLS ENHANCES DEXTERITY & TACTILE FACULTIES DEVELOPS AN AWARENESS OF OBJECT PERMANENCE TEACHES RESPONSIBILITY & TIDINESS Play: Essential For Brain Development Play is essential for healthy brain development. Mommy's Tiny Helper encourages play with a multitude of benefits for your child. One of the crucial milestones for toddlers and young children is to accomplish a sense of independence. Mommy's Tiny Helper provides the necessary tools for them to enjoy greater freedom and to develop confidence while they enjoy discovering their own capabilities. BalanceĀ & Spacial Intelligence Mommy's Tiny Helper is a manual ride-on toy that the child can sit on and uses their feet to push themselves...

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